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Fashion VLC started in 2016, selling everything and anything and expanded rapidly without any direction. In late 2018, Fashion VLC decided to rebrand with a purpose. We wanted to make a difference and that's where the real journey began. With skill and persistence we look to bottleneck the epidemic of copyright design theft of African fashion designers by creating an internationally recognized Digitally Native Vertical Brand that pushes the boundaries of conformity. We do things different, expect that from us.

We are creating a community where fashion designers stay inspired while there customers stay trusting. We created this platform for Designers to showcase their work and help them reach a greater audience. We are inspired by the creativity and passion that drive the Designers to create unique garments and accessories. We hope you enjoy our shop, because these are one of a kind designers that deserve to be seen.

We are on a mission to provide the world with the best fashion Africa has to offer

The Culture

Our mission is to be able to create a 'Culture of Collaboration' and sharing. We will take African fashion to the world. We will become a Fashion enthusiasts brand of choice. Our platform will become a powerful tool for use, by Fashion designers across Africa, to be used as a launch platform and a place of connection.

We see Africa as becoming one of the Fashion industry leaders of the world. A continent where rich materials and textiles are sourced.

Skills and Educational development through a platform that looks to give back to the community by allocating 10% of all profits to organisations that show promise in improving the African socio-economical climate.

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